At Abacus - We have been in the business working with owners and investors for over a decade. This has taught us what is important to create, maintain, and protect value from many different angles. We have dealt with the simplest of issues, to the thoroughly complicated, necessitating our full team of managers, accountants, lawyers, and licensed contractors working with town, city, and state officials. We know what a situation calls for and how to get it done timely and professionally.

Investment Optimization
At Abacus - We know what it takes to maintain and enhance a property's value. We understand that a property can be a home AND an investment and that both are important. We focus on the property and the bottom line. In our years working with investors we have gained considerable knowledge regarding direct ways to optimize the available capital in order to maximize the financial health of the property.

Property Optimization
At Abacus - We understand the value of a property is more than just the bottom line financials. We provide weekly cleaning with the necessary recylce and trash management. We also provide monthly inspections with checklists available online to ensure upkeep. We also can manage any capital improvements, from bidding to state final inspections. We have experience replacing fire alarm batteries, as well as complete rehabs through new construction condominium development.


We are part of a cooperative of small businesses that leverages and shares the technology, finances, and expertise of each other to learn, build, scale, and grow together. As each benefits so does the entire community - to find out more and to see if you would be a good fit please click www.AbacusAvenue.com.

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